You can enjoy the healthy manjar of the world We cultivate oranges, generation after generation From the field to your home Excellent and proven quality

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Enjoy fresh fruit and high quality with, a family business designed so you can buy Valencia oranges by Internet anytime, anywhere and receive at your home within 24 hours!

Sell quality fruit, our reason for being. Like when you buy Valencia oranges to your nearest market, the quality of oranges Internet shopping should be exceptional if you want to enjoy all their nutritional and feeding value.

In Oranges Quique know perfectly, so we select our oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, pomegranates and lemons from the best parts of our Valencian garden, a guarantee that we can offer because we have our own fruit and keep an eye to the smallest detail all process of growth and fruit processing.

Our fields are located in the small town of Massamagrell, enjoying a unique Mediterranean climate. Our crops are locked around a natural well water that helps us grow the fruits and make them grow healthily ever sell them at the exact point of maturation. In fact, all our fruits have a history with the traceability of the crop.

In our fields are still using traditional cultivation techniques Valencian garden so you can buy the best oranges by Internet as we know it's the only way to make your event a fruit dish filled with amazing properties. By controlling the whole process of fruit ripening, we can offer a premium product that has conquered the most demanding tables, and to monitor and care for fruits is the only way to guarantee always the best quality for when you want to enjoy of a shipment oranges to your home.


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Naranjas QiQ Spot

Spot Naranjas Quique

Learn how we work! In Oranges Quique care of every detail to offer the best service.
In our corporate video you will see the process of collecting and preparing our oranges.

Reportaje en España Directo - TVE

Naranjas Quique en España Directo

On April 24th we were visited in our farm team Massamagrell España Directo. If you didn't have the opportunity to see him live, don't worry !. You can watch it online on the web.